E-books and music on the 12.9 inch iPad


Back in 2015 I had an article looking toward the modern, paperless hornist. More and more works are available as files rather than printed copies. One option is of course printing the files out on your own printer. The other is to view them directly on a computer or device. You can put a ton of music on an iPad. But for many people I think a standard iPad is a bit small for reading music. It works, especially turned on the side and zooming in, but it is not ideal. Even less ideal is an iPad mini or phone for the same reasons.

Fast forward to today, one option is the iPad Pro with a 12.9-inch screen. This is a game changer I think for musicians, having recently obtained one. Full pages of music display very well on the device, and potentially your entire library is there at your fingertips!

“But,” I can hear some readers saying, “don’t I have to spend time and scan music? That sounds like work.” Actually, I have found I hardly need to scan things. Maybe it is a function of what I practice going into the summer, my own E-publications I can access from my Dropbox account. But even then for any Horn Matters reader with an Internet connection you can get a lot of music for free with no need of physically downloading the file to your iPad.

For example, go to our Horn Matters download page (here) with your big iPad. Click on the PDF link for anything you want to play, and it will pop right up for you. Simple!

And speaking of the downloads page, this past year by far the number one download is volume 1 of the excerpt E-book. If you have never checked it out, give it a look, it is a very practical and free resource for horn study.

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