Top ten PDF downloads from Horn Matters for fall 2016


Cover-snipThe following are the top ten PDF downloads for the past year from Horn Matters (and “number 6 will surprise you”). Thank you for your support, and to see these and yet more free downloads, including solo works, visit this page.

1. The Horn Matters PDF Excerpt Book Volume 1

2. Transposition chart

3. Lip trill exercise

4. Low Horn Kopprasch

5. Excerpt book, volume 2

6. 22 Melodies by Josef Schantl

7. “Beefers” exercise

8. Excerpt book, volume 3

9. “Buddah Lee” excercise

10. Ten Concert Studies by Oscar Franz

35-etudes-standardNumber six on the list above, the Schantl 22 Etudes, is not linked as it was actually removed from the site and the content is now available only for purchase as part of an expanded, PDF publication, 35 Melodic Etudes (Schantl and Meifred), in three versions (Standard French horn, High French horn, and Low French horn). I introduced them in this article. Or at least they should be only available for purchase. In doing some searching for this article I see that there are places that have put the 22 Etudes on their site without permission. This saddens me, even with giving it away for free it was copyrighted and it really should have only been available from me.

In any case, what is somewhat surprising (for me, at least) is it was downloaded for free over 1,400 times in the roughly 6 months prior to taking it off the site, but the version you can now purchase (which is easier to read, etc.) has sold very slowly. I do need to promote it more (the three versions are available for purchase here), and will share more about this publication in a future podcast.

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