A performance related reading list for fall, 2016


I am itching to read books again and have several that are related to performance and performance anxiety lined up for reading this fall. All are new or recent publications.

The first one I am done with already, it is a very quick read, The Dip by Seth Godin. This was published back in 2007 and was brought to my attention by Douglas Yeo. The subtitle is “A little book that teaches you when to quit (and when to stick).” Very worth reading, the concept of the dip applies not only to horn playing but also to many aspects of life.

The next three I have set aside to read relate to preparation and peak performance, and are recent publications (2015 or 2016):

  • Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth
  • Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise by Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool
  • Performing Under Pressure: The Science of Doing Your Best When it Matters Most by Hendrie Weisinger and J. P. Pawlin-Fry

Have not yet done more than a quick glance at them but they all look promising and I am hopeful will have some new thinking that I can apply to my performance and teaching.

Finally, in my most recent article, relating to performance anxiety, one topic I brought up was that of worldview and I was interested to find a book related in some way to this topic that was more directly from a Christian worldview. The book I located is Running Scared: Fear, Worry, and the God of Rest by Edward T. Welch. Published in 2007, it looks like an interesting read.

Of course there are many other titles out there related to the topic generally, do a little shopping and treat yourself to some new reading materials on performance anxiety and peak performance, it will pay off.

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