Video Podcasts — “Workshop presentations” on Dennis Brain and Wagner tuba

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I won’t be to the IHS event this summer and I am sure a lot of readers won’t make it either. I have presented at these events a number of times, and would offer these two brief podcasts as glimpses of what you might see at a horn symposium.

First up is a very concise version of an actual presentation I gave at the 2011 International Horn Symposium in San Francisco, which is also described in this article.  As noted there,  the session description as submitted was as follows:

While all serious students of the horn have heard recordings by the legendary horn soloist Dennis Brain, most listeners have never heard horns very much like the horns he performed on live in a room. This session in a lecture-recital format will focus in on the equipment he used during his performing career.

A longer format version of this, an article with plenty of footnotes, was published in the February, 2016 issue of The Horn Call.

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Another topic I have presented about several times at workshops is the Wagner tuba. At one event I had some pushback from a European player, they felt that playing the Wagner tuba was a religious experience and it should only be used to play actual orchestral works such as The Ring or Bruckner symphonies (after I had demonstrated playing a duet in the style of Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass!). This second video podcast pushes back at that with another miniature presentation, “Fun with the Chinese Wagner Tuba.”

The review of the Chinese Wagner tuba I reference in the video may be found here.

Both of these podcasts and many more can be accessed here on YouTube, and always be watching for more episodes.

UPDATE: The Wagner tuba book is now available (2018) in an updated edition in Kindle format. 

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