Video Podcasts — talking with James Boldin about solo training and brass trios

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UPDATE 2017: These have now also been posted to iTunes; see for more information on this and other episodes of the Horn Notes Podcast.

The guest for two episodes of the Horn Notes Video Podcast is James Boldin. Horn professor at the University of Louisana at Monroe, the first episode focuses on his publication Solo Duet Training for Horns. From the publiser website:  

These duets are a unique and creative way to learn seven of the most popular horn solos. Solo Duet Training can be used to help students learn style and technique, as recreational musical diversions, or even as additions to recitals if an accompanist is unavailable. The duets include Villanelle by Dukas, Reverie by Glazunov, Concerto K. 447 (Horn in F and E-flat) by Mozart, Morceau de Concert and Romance by Saint-Saens, Nocturno by F. Strauss, and Concerto (Horn in F and D) by Telemann.

Continuing the conversation, our second topic was brass trios. Boldin has performed with a very active brass trio for nearly ten years and I have performed with brass trios as well, including making a CD, Table for Three, described here.  Our conversation among other topics includes selecting the best six brass trio works for trumpet, horn, and trombone.

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Podcast-snip-articleThese video podcasts are also a first for me technically, as they were recorded via Skype. For yet more episodes of the video podcast check my YouTube channel here.

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