Video Podcasts: Conversations with Heidi Lucas about sight reading and horn/tuba/piano trios

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UPDATE 2017: These have now also been posted to iTunes; see for more information on this and other episodes of the Horn Notes Podcast.

The guest for two new episodes is Dr. Heidi Lucas, horn professor at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, with conversations on the topics of trios for horn, tuba, and piano and also The Big Book of Sight Reading Duets, which she edited recently for Mountain Peak Music.

Podcast-snip-articleTo the duets first, what she did was edit a horn version of a publication by trombonist David Vining. Besides putting it in good keys for horn, some of the duets have suggested transpositions and use is also made of bass clef to facilitate better reading there too. And there are great tips on sight reading from Vining. All in all it is a nice, innovative publication that can be used to train sight reading in a new way.

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For a bit more reading on the topic, refer to this article on 7 tactics to improve sight reading.

The second podcast has to do with trios for horn, tuba, and piano. She has been very active with her trio Eastern Standard, commissioning and recording several new works. The conversation turns to her suggestions of the five best works for this combination and is a great resource for anyone interested in the combination.

As always, these and more video podcasts may be accessed here on YouTube

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