New Publications to build Intonation and Technique


Two more new publications have arrived, designed to help build intonation and technique and available through Horn Notes Edition.

Great technique is a must. Toward the goal of building that technique, many scale and arpeggio exercises were included in the opening section of my 2011 publication Ultimate Horn Technique. These exercises had been carefully selected (“rescued”) from the Classic horn method books of Gallay, Kling, and especially Meifred. Horn Scales and Technique Exercises presents in a new edition four to six exercises in every major and minor key, all on one page per key. 26 pages and sold only as a PDF E-publication.

Inside you will find scale and arpeggio exercises. This is a book that can easily be used in teaching or for personal practice with the goal of improvement of technique overall and accuracy specifically. Another thing to note is the excercises in each key, although generally similar, are actually all different in various ways, which keeps you on your toes.

And of course great intonation is also a must. Toward the goal of building intonation the final section of Ultimate Horn Technique was a group of tuning duets selected from the horn method books of Gumpert and Kling. Conceived to be performed by a teacher with a student, these practical tuning exercises are presented here in a new edition, covering most of the major and minor keys. 26 pages and sold only as a PDF E-publication.

Ulitmate Horn Techniuque by the way is still available in hard copy, but I won’t be printing any more so get it while you can if you prefer that format. There will be at least one more book in a few months based on materials from that publication. For more information visit the Horn Notes Edition website.

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