Top 20 Horn PDF Downloads, 2015 edition


Have you checked them out yet? These resources were created to be useful to a wide variety of horn players and are offered for free by Horn Matters to French horn players worldwide.

All of the below downloads of E-books, duets, exercises, and etudes have value to be sure, or they would not be downloaded so often to be in the top twenty.** I was personally interested to note that my series of excerpt books have become the number one download overall in spite of the short time online; this is a resource that will be widely used for years. But check out them all, these are very useful PDFs that print out easily and display great on an iPad or any similar reader device.

Notably, two of the links below are to files that have been removed from the site, but not to worry, they contain elements that will return in upcoming Horn Notes Edition publications. And be sure to check our PDF page for even more free PDF resources.

Cover-snip1. The Horn Matters PDF Excerpt E-Book (Ericson)

2. Horn Transposition Reference Chart (Hembd)

3. Technique Exercises for Horn (Ericson)

4. Exercise: My Trills Stink! (Hembd)

5. Low Horn Kopprasch (Josef Schantl)

6. Ten Etudes by Duvernoy, Meifred, and Schantl (Ericson)

7. Exercise: Beefers (Hembd)

8. Single F, Double, and Single Bb Fingering Charts (Ericson)

9. Exercise: Buddah Lee (Hembd)

Low-Horn-Kopprasch10. Exercise: Overtone Series Arpeggios (Hembd)

11. Exercise: Till the Cows Come Home (Hembd)

12. Exercise: Expansion Flow Study (Hembd)

13. 10 Grand Concert Studies (Oscar Franz)

14. 29 Etudes (Oscar Franz)

15. 22 Melodic Etudes (Josef Schantl)

16. 14 Duets (J. F. Gallay)

17. Exercise: Glissando Slur Long Tones (Hembd)

18. 12 Etudes (J. F. Gallay)

19. Exercise: Pitch Benders (Hembd)

20. 15 Duets (Otto Langey)

**Note:  The solo works and full orchestral parts don’t show up in the stats used to create this list! We have those too, go to our download page for more.

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