From the age of Internet dinosaurs: a “Horn Studio Website” roundup


With the popularity of Facebook pages, the classic, stand-alone “horn studio” website seems to be in rapid decline as of 2015. Facebook pages, however, are popping up seemingly every day. Why? Well, they are really easy to build but also they get around some of the problems of traditional websites as well. The big one being for example if I posted photos of students in our ASU horn studio website I would have to have signed waivers from them to do so. Facebook, on the other hand, is outside of the control of a university server, anything goes it seems.

The below is a list of the most notable actual studio websites found online as of now. Some are more or less “template” designs put up by music admissions, but all of them below seem to include at least a little additional content generated by a horn professor.

Also, our goal is not to shame — several we found that look to be far out of date have not been included in the list. Each one though, no matter what, creates an online impression of the horn students and the horn programs at their institution.

Finally, which one is the biggest? For sure it is the University of Iowa site, to which this Golden Clam is awarded. Check their Site Map for quite a lot of content.

The following stuido websites are in alphabetical order by keyword. Enjoy!

University of Akron

University of Alabama

Angelo State University

Arizona State University

University of Arizona

University of California at Santa Barbara

University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music

University of Colorado Boulder

University of Delaware

Eastern Illinois University

Eastman School of Music

Illinois State University

Indiana University

University of Iowa

James Madison University

University of Massachusetts Amherst

University of Northern Iowa

Middle Tennessee State University

University of Louisiana at Monroe

Oklahoma State University

University of Oklahoma

University of Oregon

Pacific Lutheran University

Tennessee Tech University

University of Texas at Austin

Truman State University

Virginia Commonwealth University

Central Washington University

Western Carolina University

Western Michigan University

University of Horn Matters