The best horn symposium ever: #IHSLA2015

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Unless you have been living under a virtual rock you should have noted all the online chatter from the 47th International Horn Symposium, which was held last week in Los Angeles. As one tweet nicely summed it up:

ShostyWatching from afar it seemed to be all that one could hope for, a mixture of great events, horn celebrities, and great venues that future horn events can not hope to top but only hope to do something different! Our congratulations to event hosts Andrew Bain and Annie Bosler, and of course all the others that were a part of the success of this event.

If you totally missed out on everything, there are a few things you can check out online still to get a flavor of the event at least — in particular the videos of the horn hangouts with Sarah Willis should eventually be posted to her video page (here). But also to recommend for more of a day by day view of the event from the perspective of a participant see these posts by James Boldin:

And with that we look toward the next International Symposium which will be certainly quite different but hopefully will be just as memorable! For links to information on that and other upcoming events see our events page.

UPDATES: A final post from James Boldin may be found here.

The live stream website from the event still has some videos on it. I can’t say how long they will be there or if this is something the IHS will continue to archive, but the site is as of now still here:

And also, the video below is certainly worth a quick look (direct link here). Not a world record, that was set at the Texas symposium, but that sure is a lot of horns in one place!

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