Social media and #ihsla2015

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Next week the world of horn social media should be dominated by news from the biggest event of the year, the 47th International Horn Symposium to be held at the Colburn School in Los Angeles.

Last year, after the 46th symposium, I posted a short editorial on social media and the IHS. As I noted in that article, event coverage was spotty/disappointing from London. I know hosts have much to do, so no blame there, but still it would be great to really see some coverage this time around. This year certainly could be a lot better than last; will have to wait and see. I do hope it is, as I cannot attend the event in person this year, along with many, many fans of the horn who we count among our Horn Matters readers.

First though, the question of who can post things to social media from the event should be addressed. Anyone can post! You don’t need a fancy website or anything really. If you are at the event and see things you think are interesting, post something, share it. If you share your photos to the Horn People group on Facebook be sure your settings allow your photo to be seen by other members of the group. And no matter what remember to “like” anything you like, that action will also help things be seen more widely by yet more horn players.

In terms of Horn Matters and social media, as we are not there, we are limited to posting of photos sent directly to us and to sharing and liking photos from other pages on Facebook. If you have a business or ensemble that we are fans of we will share those photos that come up of general interest, as Facebook settings usually allow us to do so. Post good ones! They will be seen.

The most interesting news development is that there will be a video livestream from the event! So far as I can tell it is not highlighted at all in the event website. This past weekend this tweet was the first news I saw posted:

It sounds rather inclusive! On the Horn Hangouts Facebook page they posted a short video (July 24, 9:10 PM) which clarifies that some things will be streamed, and they asked fans to write them by E-mail or on Facebook to let them know what you want to see. It is not clear yet how this will be coordinated with the event itself (and the over 180 sessions at the event) or where/when the stream will actually be available. In any case this will certainly be something exciting to watch for online during the symposium. I was able to locate two of the Horn Hangouts in the event website, which I presume at a minimum will be streamed. Hopefully there will be more!

Horn Hangout — Thursday, Aug. 6

Horn Hangout — Saturday, Aug. 8

Back to the big picture, I am optimistic at this point that there will be more online than last year. Be watching Horn Matters on Facebook, we will try our best to spread the word, and try to do your part as well if you are there. And finally, it is yet to be seen what will become the preferred hashtag on Twitter and Facebook, but as of now it looks to be #ihsla2015 (or all caps #IHSLA2015); use it and use it often if you want your tweets/posts seen. [Worth mentioning, also — but maybe not good news for the IHS — the hashtag #frenchhorn is preferred in general for twitter; #horn will lead you to non-horn content (sometimes very off topic).]

UPDATE: The workshop starts tomorrow. So far, this is all the announcement I have noted on the livestream:

Note there is a website link, which is the location of the stream, and that the stream seems not to be an official function being done by the IHS (although the hosts certainly were aware) but rather something being done independently by Sarah Willis/Horn Hangouts. The schedule is quirky, as well (the general meeting? Really?) but better than nothing for sure.

UPDATE II: Within an hour of posting this update here the existence of this live stream made its way to Facebook. Puzzling promotion strategy, to not mention this stream at all in the event website or in their Facebook stream (or that of the IHS), but perhaps they are banking on this all quickly going viral?

IHS47UPDATE III: And, looking back, it seems like the hashtag that was most successful was #IHS47. Worth noting, as basically I bet for any future IHS symposium that type of hashtag will be the one that catches on, being both short and event specific.

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