Top Ten Articles — End of 2014 Edition


Since the recent site redesign at Horn Matters the number one most popular part of the site by far is our PDF Library — if you have not checked it out you should!

After that page, the following are the top ten articles most read during the past three months:

  1. Thoughts on ‘Quality’ and an Overview of Trusted Brands in French Horns (Hembd)
  2. Choosing a French Horn Mouthpiece (I): The Basic Parts (Hembd)
  3. Playing Tips (Ericson)
  4. French Horn Transposition Chart (Hembd)
  5. Symmetry and Balance: 3 Reasons to Not Worry about an Off-Center Embouchure (Hembd)
  6. Choosing a French Horn Mouthpiece (II): Cup, Throat and Bore (Hembd)
  7. Commentary: A Popular Meme on Mouthpieces that is Wrong (Ericson)
  8. The Vintage Conn 8D (Ericson)
  9. The University of Horn Matters (Ericson)
  10. Choosing a French Horn Mouthpiece (III): Weight, Plating and Shopping Tips (Hembd)

It is humbling to know so many are out there reading our articles. Presently, behind the scenes, Bruce and I have both been working hard to “tighten up” the site. At one time there were well over 2,000 articles in Horn Matters, but many were very short or dated or not very horn related. In short, we are back down to under 1,750 articles, bringing the site into better focus each passing day.

Overall the site has had over 130,000 page views in the last quarter of 2014 (well over 500,000 for the year) and the #1 traffic source, by far, is Google.

We have many ideas for new content for 2015. A few new PDFs are on the way, and one thing I will be endeavoring to do more of will be reviews. They are challenging to write, but we realize how important they are to people who have created new horn products – and recognize clearly how few outlets there are for serious reviews of horn publications today.

Thank you again for your ongoing support for Horn Matters, where we do hope to live up to our missions to encourage, inspire, inform, and challenge horn players, and to promote the best musical instrument ever, the French horn.

University of Horn Matters