Passing of Wilke Renwick, hornist and composer


If you have played in a brass quintet at all you have probably seen the name Wilke Renwick. His Dance for brass quintet is certainly one of the most widely performed works for that ensemble.

What is not as widely known today is he was also a fine horn player and for many years was Principal Horn of the Denver Symphony.

Wilke Richard Renwick Jr. passed away on May 23 at the age of 92. His obituary may be found here, details of which I would highlight being,

  • Served in Navy bands during WWII
  • Studied with Willem Valkenier and Harold Meek in Boston after the war
  • Became Principal Horn of the Denver Symphony Orchestra in 1954 and performed with the orchestra until 1986.

There are a number of videos of his Dance on YouTube if you are not familiar with the work. Instead of choosing just one to highlight, this search result will take you to a long list. Enjoy!

I always found it a fun piece to play and I believe most horn players would agree. This work will be one that Renwick is remembered for. And if you want to buy a copy the publisher website is here. 

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