Annie Bosler on Dealing with Nerves & Performance Anxiety


Nerves, performance anxiety, and peak performance are topics of particular interest to hornists. I was just pointed to a new video presentation on this topic from hornist Annie Bosler.

Healthy-musician-snipBosler is the maker of the great 1M1: HOLLYWOOD HORNS OF THE GOLDEN YEARS movie which has been shown at several horn workshops (movie website here, and also see her personal website for more). With great content and much of that same level of production her presentation The Healthy Musician: Dealing with Nerves & Performance Anxiety really stands out and is highly worth watching (direct link here:

The general topic of getting in the zone naturally is a great one, and that she ties in some of her experience in high level tennis resonates with me as a fan of the classic book The Inner Game of Tennis (more here).

And as a bonus we can point you to another video that is also brand new, from a horn player, and on a similar topic. It is one of the Sarah Willis “Horn Hangouts,” this one with therapist and mental coach Dinka Migic Vlatkovíc. The topic is “Flight, Fight, or Freeze,” covering in a more casual conversation yet more information and tips related to peak performance and performance anxiety. View that video here:

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