Top 14 for 2013


To close out the year for Horn Matters, we do check the stats and the below are the top 14 articles or pages on the site for 2013. Traffic has been good and the number one article was viewed over 10,000 times! The titles are fairly self-explanatory — click on any of the links below to read the articles that were of the most interest to our readers.

  1. French Horn Transposition Chart (Bruce Hembd)
  2. PDF Exercises & Technical Studies
  3. Choosing a French Horn Mouthpiece (I): The Basic Parts (Bruce Hembd)
  4. PDF Horn Solo Parts
  5. The Vintage Conn 8D (John Ericson)
  6. Playing Tips (John Ericson)
  7. Thoughts on ‘Quality’ and an Overview of Trusted Brands in French Horns (Bruce Hembd)
  8. Choosing a French Horn Mouthpiece (II): Cup, Throat and Bore (Bruce Hembd)
  9. A Fingering Chart for Single F, Double, and Single B-flat Horns (John Ericson)
  10. Symmetry and Balance: 3 Reasons to Not Worry about an Off-Center Embouchure (Bruce Hembd)
  11. Choosing a French Horn Mouthpiece (III): Weight, Plating and Shopping Tips (Bruce Hembd)
  12. From the Mailbag: Kruspe or Geyer–Which is Better? (John Ericson)
  13. PDF Orchestral Horn Parts
  14. Events

lake_ladyCongratulations to Bruce Hembd for being the most popular writer on the site!

Looking at the big picture, interest seems strongest in the general topics of performance and equipment. I expect that Bruce and I will be posting less often as we have covered so many topics in quite a bit of depth already, but we will keep our thoughts on the site for sure with a goal of bringing new, quality content of interest to our readers.

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