TPTV: Thomas Jostlein on Jacobs

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Another installment of TPTV came out this week, this time featuring hornist Thomas Jostlein. His name has been on our minds here at Arizona State as we are playing his Campbell Fanfare on a concert next week. A former member of the New York Philharmonic among others, the description of the video is as follows:

Jostlein-snipSt. Louis Symphony hornist, Thomas Jostlein, describes lessons with Arnold Jacobs. Jacobs encouraged Jostlein to sing more in the mind, as well as to utilize his air more fully and efficiently. He also discussed his studies with Jacobs protégé, Roger Rocco and the increased emphasis on singing in the mind while playing. Brass players must have pitch in the mind as well as tone color, not just color, or else the body is confused, Rocco told him. Imagination and imitation helped lead the topic of listening to recordings intimately and then using them as a source of imitation. Also, recording one’s practice and then listening to the playback later was encouraged rather than listening (and analyzing) while playing. Discussion about building phrases one note at a time and the importance of being a being a motor nerve musician rather than a receptor never musician rounded out the interview.

It is worth mentioning also that the Campbell Fanfare is published by Faust Music and is a gem in the horn ensemble repertoire. A video of Jostlein conducting the work may be found here.  The TPTV interview is below (direct link here).

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