TPTV: Clevenger on Jacobs

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An ongoing series of YouTube videos is TubaPeopleTV. Hosted and created by Michael Grose of the University of Oregon, this week the new episode is an interview with horn legend Dale Clevenger on his memories of Arnold Jacobs. Jacobs and Clevenger are both icons of the brass world, making for a doubly interesting topic. From the description to the video,

Clevenger-Jacobs-snipBrass legend, Dale Clevenger shares his memories of working with Arnold Jacobs in the Chicago Symphony. He talks about what he learned from Jake and what Jake brought to the CSO. Clevenger also recounts what it was like for him when he started with the orchestra fitting in between Herseth and Jacobs. Clevenger describes the unique quality of Jacobs’ immediate tone and its projection. Additionally, Mr. Clevenger chats about various recording companies and some of the recordings he was a part of with the CSO.

The full interview is below. (Direct link here). And check out the TubaPeopleTV YouTube channel for more.

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