Quick Tip: Final Recital Preparation


Mahler Songs of a Wayfarer is one of the works on my annual recital that is new to me as a performer. Working on this has been very interesting and enjoyable, especially the process of moving from knowing the work to a point to having worked on it in more depth.

Part of that process is listening to recordings, and what I have found (yet again) is I “hear” much more in this work than I could hear before — elements and variations of interpretation — when I listen to recordings now that my recital preparation is essentially done. The tip being, not only to listen to recordings but also to listen to recordings toward the end of your preparation, you will hear more in them.

A big reason why any work interests me to work on is to know it more deeply, and with this being a popular work and YouTube it is very easy to find a variety of performances to compare. The one below (direct link here)  is a particularly striking version, and with the English captions is a great one to follow along with. I won’t make my version quite as sad but do look forward to performing it this weekend. More notes on my 2013 recital may be found here.

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