Press Release: Two Second Editions from Horn Notes Edition


UPDATE 2018: And these are now both revised into third editions in Kindle format.

Tempe, AZ, September 12, 2013. Two books, Introducing the Horn and A Mello Catechism, have been released by Horn Notes Edition in second editions in PDF E-Book format.

One of its bestselling titles since its release in 2007 has been Introducing the Horn. Although written to be understandable and useful for a younger student that is new to the horn, another target audience is music educators in general and music educators taking horn methods classes in particular. Due to this connection, it is an ideal resource for the music educator who has little knowledge of the horn and needs a concise and focused resource. The book grew out of notes used by the author, Arizona State University professor John Ericson, for methods classes when he taught at The Crane School of Music, SUNY Potsdam. His successor at Crane, Kelly Drifmeyer, adopted the book for use at Crane and has in particular offered a number of great suggestions that were incorporated into this second edition.

Another steady seller in its catalog has been A Mello Catechism, also by John Ericson. This is the only published resource focused on the mellophone, and is again aimed at players and music educators. Information is presented in a unique question and answer format and is a focused and practical resource on a significant topic.

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Both of these have been released as second editions in a simple, PDF E-Book format. Both books read easily in any device that will display a PDF file such as an iPad or laptop computer. Alternately, purchasers may print them out on their own printer, whole or in part.

These books join three other E-Books in the Horn Notes Edition catalog: Playing Natural Horn Today, Playing Descant and Triple Horns, and Playing the Wagner Tuba.

Introducing the Horn will also be released in a printed edition, but A Mello Catechism will only be available in PDF E-Book format. For more on these publications and how to obtain them, please visit their website at

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