Trompes de Chasse vs. Telemann


Last night a video link was posted to the Horn People group that caught my attention, a group of  Trompes de Chasse performing Telemann with organ. The performers are listed on YouTube as Organ – Christine Pagès and Trompes – Christian Conte, Piet Luyckx, and Benoît d’Ydewalle.

logoHMThe video did not start any discussion overnight but I would still rate it quite interesting. The horns sound pretty extreme by modern Baroque interpretation standards on the work and I can only imagine the actual decibel level in the venue. But it gets at a point that is made periodically and very correctly: we have no idea how the horn really sounded back in say 1720.

The video is worth sticking with for a few minutes before you decide if you like it or not; they do play with a lot of character, and it looks like a lot of fun to play this work on Trompe. Consider this video a palate cleanser!

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