Advertisement Preview: Horn Matters in the IHS 45 Program Guide


In about one month the 45th International Horn Symposium will begin in Memphis, Tennessee at the University of Memphis. In order to help support this event and spread the word, we have had an IHS 45 banner ad at Horn Matters, located at top right, for many months.

For the actual event in Memphis, a full-sized program event guide will be available. We are pleased to have taken a full-page ad for this guide.

It will look like this:

Horn Matter Ad IHS 45

The design is based on previous work that I have done with Vitruvian Man and the Horn Matters trademark. I also tried to imitate the general look-and-feel of John’s Horn Notes publications.

And – if you really like this artwork, be sure to go over to our Cafe Press site buy a t-shirt or coffee mug.

No site URL? Are you nuts?!

One minor detail to notice with this advertisement is that I decided to throw caution to the wind and not include a site URL in the advertisement. (Gasp!)

I am gambling that in this day and age, Horn Matters is more-or-less ubiquitous to this web site, and even for people unfamiliar with Horn Matters, it is found easily enough in just about any search engine.

That being said, if you happen to be at IHS 45 and someone happens to ask  “what is Horn Matters?”, please do us a favor and let them in on the inside scoop.

University of Horn Matters