Top Nine Articles as of 2013


Horn Matters has now passed 2,000 articles of total content. The following articles are the top 9 overall, looking at stats from the inception of Horn Matters in 2009 to today.

9. From the Mailbag: Kruspe or Geyer–Which is Better? (Ericson)
Equipment is a popular theme in the site, this article touching on a perennial topic in the United States.

8. Giardinelli Horn Mouthpieces Through the Ages (Ericson)
Mouthpieces are important! This one lays out the differences between older and more recently produced Giardinelli mouthpieces.

7. Events
This article is actually a standing page on the site rather than an article, but it is our hope that the listings are handy and useful to our readers, as reflected in the high traffic of the page.

6. A Fingering Chart for Single F, Double, and Single B-flat Horns (Ericson)
This one is a short one with a link to the PDF, which is a handy one.

5. Choosing a French Horn Mouthpiece (II): Cup, Throat and Bore (Hembd)
Mouthpieces again! This is part two of a series that is the most popular series of articles ever posted on the site.

4. Choosing a French Horn Mouthpiece (III): Weight, Plating and Shopping Tips (Hembd)
Part III is more popular than part II!

3. The Vintage Conn 8D (Ericson)
The iconic “American” horn; a look at their older and more recently produced instruments.

2. Choosing a French Horn Mouthpiece (I): The Basic Parts (Hembd)
Part I is the most popular one of this series. And a horn fanfare for….

1. French Horn Transposition Chart (Hembd)
This is by far the most popular article on the site! A great reference page for students to keep handy in their folder.

We aim to have a variety of content and good solid information on every aspect of horn playing. Thank you for your support, and keep checking back for more from Horn Matters.

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