Internet Meme: A Rage Comic on Rolling in the Mud and Playing Like a Pig


Regular readers will know already that I enjoy making silly cartoons and Photoshop renderings that are related to the French horn.

Some previous efforts have included:

Rage comics

Today’s act of silliness represents a new foray into a meme genre known as Rage Comics. These comic strips feature roughly-drawn characters who come to represent a single, basic emotion. Punchlines revolve around some kind of conflict with that basic emotion.

A strip will often take on a life of its own as more and more people join in on the fun and share their own renditions online. Put in simple musical terms it is something like a gigantic, ongoing game of Theme and Variations.

Rage Comics draw their stories from real life experience and in that vein, here is a little comic related to horn players and conductors.

Wallowing in the Mud with a Maestro

Horn Player and Conductor Meme

* * *


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