Thursday Topics: Bonding with your Horn, and More Memes


Up today are two topics. First, making the rounds of social media the past few days was an article on the topic of the benefits of bonding with your instrument. The article begins,

Forging a deep, intense relationship, in which two meld into one, can be a difficult, emotionally draining process. But the end result is so worth it.

Especially when that bond is between musician and instrument.

That’s the conclusion of new research from Finland, which found musicians who consider their instrument an extension of themselves are more confident, and feel less performance anxiety.

“Feeling united with the instrument indeed seems to be an advantageous relationship,” writes a research team led by Veerle Simoens of the University of Finland’s Cognitive Brain Research Unit. Its study is published in the journal Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts.

The topic reminds me very much of the topic of naming your horn. I am thinking if your horn has a name, maybe you will bond with it a bit more deeply and play better? One to ponder and a topic I addressed last year. In that article I began,

This past week I helped my niece purchase a new flute. At the store the manager asked her if she had named her old flute and told her to be sure to name the new one, because without a name “it won’t sing for you.”

Alphonse-meme-snipAs to Memes, I had a link recently to the Hornist Hamsters site and this week the link is to another new site to me, Gotta be a Horn player. This site is based on animated images, of which this is a still version to give you the flavor of the site, which may be accessed here.

What is entertaining to me is that this site and the Hornist Hamsters site have things on them that I would never come up with in a million years, and as a result both are presently on my Google Reader feed. People sometimes think a big website like Horn Matters has the market for horn stuff cornered, but if you have an idea for something different there is always room out there to give it a try.

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