Memes for a Friday


This past week (hat tip to Bruce Hembd) I saw on Facebook a link to a very interesting group of horn-related memes. The site is Hornist Hamsters, and I especially enjoyed a couple of the memes on what is currently page 2 of the site, related to accuracy. Well worth a look!

Inspired, I thought I might be able to come up with a meme on the same template and this phrase came to mind. Years ago one of my horn teachers would normally tell me pitches in concert pitch. So for example he would say “start at the C” and there might not be a C at all to start on! What he meant was concert C, our written G. From then on I started a campaign in my own teaching to only speak in F, or at least make it clear I am speaking of a written C if it was not in F or speaking in concert pitch. The way I hear it the world is in F! The same meme generator may be accessed from this page if you have your own good idea for a hamster hornist meme.

This other meme is one I made last year in relation to a reading project that came up in our orchestra program. I don’t recall at this point why it came up so quickly but the bottom line was that some students had to learn Brahms 4 in just a few days. This was made on another meme creator website.

The variations are endless. For many more horn memes and ideas from Bruce Hembd see:


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