On Purchasing an E-Book from Horn Notes Edition

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As noted in a prior article, E-Books are a major trend in publishing and they are on the rise in the horn world. We are pleased to announce that this past week Horn Notes Edition launched two new E-Book publications. They are both PDF downloads, and are simple to purchase. [But see UPDATE at end if you are purchasing from outside the USA and Canada.]

The process starts exactly as if you were buying a print publication from our shopping cart, which is secure and powered by Ecwid. As always, you may pay for your E-Book with a credit card or by PayPal. Online shipping is free, but you will be asked for an address at check-out as part of the billing process. Arizona shipping addresses have to pay sales tax as well.

After you pay you get to a screen that looks like the image above, and you can directly download your file at that time from that page.

Besides the download page you arrive at after your purchase, you will also be sent a confirmation E-mail to the address you used when you registered, with text very similar to that in this second screen shot (but legible!). There is a live link in the message that will also generate a download of the file to your computer. As the system is set at present you can download the file up to three times over a 72 hour period, then the link goes dead. Be sure to save the file!

And it is as simple as that. After purchase you can be reading the book in less than a minute.

The actual publications are PDF files and may be read on your computer or iPad or other reader device. It is entirely your choice where you read the publication, and as an alternate you can print all or part of the book on your own printer as hard copy.

So what are the new books? More complete descriptions of both will be posted to Horn Matters on this weekend, but one is a brand new title on the natural horn and the other is a new version of my high horn book, but focused specifically on the use of descant and triple horns. If you are interested in more information now, go to www.hornnotes.com, check the news there and proceed to the sales page.

And yes, there are plans for more E-publications, be watching Horn Matters and Horn Notes Edition for more.

UPDATE: Due to the EU Value-Added Tax (VAT) changes that went into effect as of January 1, 2015 we were prompted to reconsider our European sales of E-books (which we cannot continue doing) and international sales in general. As we cannot sell E-books at all in Europe at this time (the law is impossible for a small business such as ours to comply with) and shipping costs are high enough that print copy sales were always slow, we have eliminated sales outside of the USA and Canada. It is a shame too, as we enjoyed steady sales of the E-books to European buyers. Our apologies to those impacted.

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