The Year that was 2011: A Traffic Overview and the Top 35 Articles of Interest


Last month, Horn Matters hit a new high for web site traffic and overall, our readership is trending upwards. With this in mind and looking ahead to the new year, now is a good time to look back and see what has been going on in terms of web site traffic at Horn Matters. 

Overall trend: Jan. 1, 2011 - Dec. 5, 2011. Click for a larger view.

To accurately monitor web traffic to and from Horn Matters, several different statistical tools are used: Google Analytics, StatCounter and the built-in server stats provided by our hosting service. What follows are a few charts and graphs which illustrate the general trends based on the results from these tools.

Comparing 2011 to 2010

We begin by looking at the big picture – – comparing page loads (how many times a page is seen), unique visits (the actual number of visitors) and return visits for 2010 and for the first 11 months of 2011 (stats to date).

This chart indicates that our traffic has increased significantly – about 20% from 2010 to 2011. For the year 2011 alone, these numbers averaged out, per person to:

  • 2.58 pages per visit
  • Just over 3 minutes average time on site

Top countries of origin

Taking this statistical data and sorting it by country of origin produces the following results for the top 17 countries.

Roughly 80% of web traffic to Horn Matters generates from the USA and while this is nothing to scoff at, we hope this will change over time. We aspire to appeal to all walks of life in as many geographic regions as possible.


One interesting trend to look at is the drop-off in use of the web browser Internet Explorer and the increase in use of Google Chrome.

In previous years IE dominated the rankings and Chrome barely registered as a blip on the radar. In 2011, IE has dropped from the #1 spot and is currently tied with Apple’s Safari browser. For web programmers and designers, IE is more-or-less reviled as a browser and speaking for myself, I am quite happy that fewer people are using it.

Looking at the top 7 browsers:


Among our returning visitors, most check in on a daily or semi-daily basis.

Top 35 Items of Interest for 2011

Closing out this overview here are the Top 35 items of interest on the Horn Matters site for 2011, according to unique visits.

1 French Horn Transposition Chart 4,642
2 Horn Matters Classified Ads 3,982
3 About John Ericson 3,014
4 Playing Tips 2,698
5 PDF Downloads, Resources and Research 2,350
6 The Vintage Conn 8D 2,254
7 Choosing a French Horn Mouthpiece (I): The Basic Parts 2,153
8 News of the Phoenix Symphony 1,957
9 Choosing a French Horn Mouthpiece (III): Weight, Plating and Shopping Tips 1,895
10 Giardinelli Horn Mouthpieces Through the Ages 1,368
11 Art Masterpieces Graffittied with Horns 1,362
12 Opinion and Parody: The New and Improved Louisville Orchestra 1,345
13 Kruspe or Geyer, Which is Better? 1,312
14 About Bruce Hembd 1,276
15 Classifieds: Double Horns 1,257
16 Choosing a French Horn Mouthpiece (II): Cup, Throat and Bore 1,223
17 Get a Grip 1,213
18 About Horn Matters 1,164
19 How to Annoy and Alienate Colleagues in 11 Easy Steps! 1,102
20 Online Practice tools 1,082
21 Archives 1,069
22 Events 1,065
23 The Three of Four Types of Lubricant You Need 1,051
24 Krupse 1930 Catalog Illustrations 1,006
25 Getting That ‘Wow’ Factor in Your Playing 950
26 The Mind of the Horn Player 925
27 Classifieds: Mouthpieces 922
28 A Fingering Chart for Single, F Double and Single B-flat Horns 919
29 Does My Horn Have a B-flat Tuning Slide? 908
30 Transforming Wood into Brass: The Alchemy of Rob Jones 879
31 Horns as Stage Props: The Blue French Horn 860
32 How to Annoy Bassoonists Yet Amuse the Low Brass 844
33 The Best Music Schools 827
34 Buying a Horn II: What I Bought 762
35 Just Say No to Transposed Parts 761

* * *

One item in particular that stands out to me is #12 – for an article that was only posted a few days ago, this is (relatively speaking) viral in terms of its ranking for the whole year.

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