Horn Event Promotion 101: Two Approaches to Horn Concertos


Following up on the October article on horn event promotion, two of the upcoming regional horn workshops have angles on the topic of horn concertos that are also well worth highlighting.

At the Southwest Horn Conference here in Arizona in January host Rose French has made a prominent element of promotion the world premier of a new concerto. This was highlighted in an article, “Premiere of a Horn Concerto in Arizona” in the October, 2011 issue of The Horn Call. This photo is of the set of parts for the work when they arrived in Arizona last week, and from the article we learn

A concerto written by American composer Eric Chasalow will be premiered by Bruno Schneider at the 2012 Southwest Horn Conference on January 14th, and performed again on January 27 with the Boston Modern Orchestra Project.

Eric Chasalow is the Irving G. Fine Professor of Music at Brandeis University and Director of the Brandeis Electroacoustic Music Studio.

The article continues that Chasalow is “noted for being among the few composers comfortable composing both electro-acoustic music and for traditional ensembles,” and he has a long relationship with the soloist Bruno Schneider, “beginning when Schnieder’s older brother lived with the Chasalow family as an exchange student from Switzerland.” There is more in the article but I am personally very intrigued to hear this new work. The article reports that it has “long, lyrical lines” and is scored “for a small chamber orchestra, with reduced winds and percussion.” I am always hoping to hear the next great horn concerto and look forward to hearing this one. Yet another reason to attend the 2012 Southwest Horn Conference.

Speaking of great concertos, what about that Mozart? And what about playing Mozart with an orchestra? At the Northeast Horn Workshop participants will be able to do just that, with an organized opportunity to perform a Mozart horn concerto with the Burlington Chamber Orchestra.

From a press release from host Ann Ellsworth,

You’ve practiced them forever, listened to recordings, played them for auditions and recitals, now is your chance to perform with an orchestra. The NE Horn Workshop in Plattsburgh is providing the unique opportunity for ANYONE to hire the Burlington Chamber Orchestra with Bill Purvis conducting the Mozart Concerto of your choice on Saturday afternoon the 17th.

The orchestra costs $350 for ten minutes which may be enough for a first movement. For a complete concerto, we recommend 20 minutes for numbers 1 and 2, and 30 minutes for numbers 3 and 4. The BCO and Maestro Purvis will all be in concert dress, the performance will take place in the beautiful Giltz Auditorium at the SUNY Plattsbugh campus and you are free to make an audio and or video recording of your performance.

The orchestra will only play for 3 hours, this is a first come, first served event, please contact Ann Ellsworth … with your reservation and 50% deposit by January 15th.

But also note that you can also win your way into this as well. Also from the press release,

20 minutes of the Burlington Chamber Orchestra time will be reserved for the winners of our solo competition, 10 minutes for our high school division and another 10 minutes for our college division. The concerto competition will take place Friday afternoon and details to enter are on the website.

The event website is here for the Northeast Workshop this year. Both are good examples of event promotion and good ideas. For information on even more workshops coming up this year be sure to check our Horn Matters Events page.

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