Random Wednesday: Fair Use, Burnout and a Double-Dose of Stefan

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Kiss and make up
Sometimes life just gets random and I was not able to post an article on Monday. This was due to a rather intense discussion at my workplace revolving around the academic claim to “fair use” when it comes to using the music from the popular Harry Potter movie series without permission.

The lesson for myself? Some battles that cannot be won (no matter how noble) are just not worth fighting.

Related to the item above, this article from James Boldin on burnout prevention was truly appropriate.

It can happen to even the most dedicated and talented of students, especially those who are involved in numerous ensembles with heavy rehearsal/performance commitments. As with many things, the time to think about burnout is not when you’re in the middle of it, but rather before its onset.

Myself, I just took a few days off of the horn for this very reason. With a two-week gap until my next gig, the opportunity to take a little break is perfect.

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Horn cartoons
These stock cartoons have been around a while and a fun to look at. At right is one example. Click on it to see more funny horn-related cartoons.

Speaking of clip art
I love her right hand position. “I am so gorgeous that I do not need to put my hand in the bell. I prefer to pet my horn instead.”

Military imagery from 1810
Will Kimball posts yet another interesting historical image.

Anime horn player
Fans of Japanese manga will like this desktop wallpaper.

Getting mellow
A section warms up.

Horn bling and stuff

The tortoise principle
Travis Bennet reminds us of the old adage that “slow and steady wins the race.”

On being the first female brass player in a section
Rachel Childers recently won the second horn chair on the Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO). She will be the first woman ever in the brass section of the BSO.  Here is a brief interview.

When the honeymoon is over
Bruce Richards writes more about his new Karl Hill single B-flat horn and getting adjusted to it.

An interesting triple horn design
Cornford has introduced a new triple horn design that it claims is lighter than a standard double horn.

Random videos

Stefan Dohr plays fetch.

* * *

Another Stefan plays Schumann.

* * *

Tom Varner heats things up in “Radiator.”

* * *

I think I had a dream like this once.

* * *

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