Random Monday: Coming Soon?


Summer concerto competition
I attended the Interlochen summer camp for several summers and even worked there one summer while in college. A major factor for many campers was, and still is, the concerto competition.

This video on the most recent solo competition gives us a glimpse behind-the-scenes of the most recent 2011 competition.

Lots and lots of thought-provoking quotes
I like reading short quotes from famous people. Jeffrey Agrell has posted a random list of quotes with plenty of  “hmmmm” moments.

This message on the Yahoo Horn Group made me giggle a little. You too can learn the secret of


Rolling thunder method… I kind of like that.

The Joy of a Clean Horn
Also on the Yahoo Horn Group, Valerie gives a horn the sink treatment.

Julia Rose attests that a clean horn is a good thing.

Another reason for playing off-the-leg?
While getting back in shape after a break, I have been playing with the bell held freely with the right hand – off-the-leg. This article from Dave Vining on register changes and neck position puts words to why this seemed to help with getting re-familiarized.

What is that Coming Soon tab?
Regular visitors to the Horn Matters site may have noticed a new page tab up top, just below our logo.

This “Coming Soon” page is currently password-protected and is in beta testing. What it is exactly I won’t say yet, but John and I anticipate that this will be something pretty big.

I have been up to my eyeballs in code for the past few weeks – some mySQL, and lots and lots of functions, actions and else/ifs. When it is done it will be a simple, interactive tool that I hope many people will find very useful.

If all goes well, we be launching this new project in the next month.

Is that cryptic enough?

Later this week, I will reveal more specific details of this new and exciting project at Horn Matters. In the meantime, beta testers are hammering away at it and we are discovering that there are still a few bugs to iron out.

Random videos

Hector demonstrates one of the many tricky passages from Richard Strauss’s Till Eulenspiegel.

* * *

A demo of synthesized horns. If this were doubled with a few real horn players, I do not think I could tell the difference.

A similar product is here.

* * *

In this classic Percy Faith tune, we get a few nice shots of the French horn section.

* * *

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