Announcing the Grand Opening of Horn Matters Classified Ads


It is with much anticipation and excitement that we announce the grand opening of the Horn Matters Classified Ads area.

This new area of Horn Matters is specifically geared towards connecting buyers and sellers of French horn related items.

At the time of this announcement I am guessing that Horn Matters Classified Ads will be sparsely populated, but in a few hours, a few days, a week or maybe a month, I envision this area as a major hub of activity.

Registration and Private Messaging

With due respect towards privacy concerns, we have engaged a Private Messaging system as an extra option for buyers and sellers. It is a Messaging system similar to Facebook, but ours is built on the back-end and power of WordPress. No email addresses or contact information is exchanged unless a buyer or seller chooses to do so.

When posting items for sale, sellers can choose to post contact information directly with their item or use Private Messaging. The new Private Messaging feature will be a topic for a detailed article and video on Friday.

The two choices for sellers

Sellers then have two choices for posting their contact information at Horn Matters Classified Ads:

  • Put contact information directly on the same page as their item on the live site
  • Request that buyers register and use Private Messaging

As a final word I would point out that email addresses on Horn Matters are guarded by several layers of security. The top-most layer is a third-party service called Cloudfare, which provides a number of services for Horn Matters.

Sellers wanting to post email addresses directly with their items can rest easy that we have safeguards in place.

Browsing is still OK, but…

Unregistered buyers can still browse the site and look around.

They need to be aware however that some sellers might want to their contact information to be private. In that case a buyer will need to register and use Private Messaging in order to contact that seller – or they will need to completely pass on that sale item.

At the time of this writing one cannot predict what the prevailing trend will be.

The two choices for buyers

Buyers – like sellers – have two, basic choices:

  • Register and shop for horns
  • Stay unregistered knowing that some sellers may require registration for contact information

How to register and post an item for sale

In anticipation of new visitors of all ages, levels and computer skills, I am producing a series of tutorial videos. We were all little newbies at something sometime, and if help is needed tutorial videos will be available to watch and learn from.

Here is the newest installment. It is a tutorial on how to register and post an item for sale.

* * *