Random Monday: Fractured English, Toy Horns and Stained Shirts


Vienna Symphonic Library picture
From a history on the horn, there is this picture of a unique horn built for a czar. It is hard to say what this horn is exactly – a corno di caccia, a posthorn or some kind of odd piccolo horn.

The Israel Phil on 1951 tour
The picture and article at this link illustrate a horn section with a wide variety of instruments.

Another French horn essay written in fractured English

For those individuals to say who are keen to learn the French horn it is not as easy as people think about it. The horns are heavy enough to be carried out and more difficulty is that the mouthpiece needs to be properly held and blown wind periodically using the mouth.

For the beginners to say that in order to learn the French horn the right guidance should be taken lest they should suffer from mal-accuracy over the horn playing.


On taking breaks
At The Musician’s Way the importance of taking breaks is spelled out. I especially like how they are classified into three types:  active, diverting and restorative.

A new book from a old pro
Terry Johns has a new book, available in hard copy only at Lulu.

Getting all woodwindy
The Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra Woodwind Quintet gets a nice feature at The Chautauquan Daily.

A Frenched horn?
What happens when you say “French horn” three times into a mirror? Coming up on Wednesday, the memes become mimes, and they play a dangerous game with dire consequences. A preview is pictured at left.

That oily stain on the front of our shirts
Virtually every dress shirt that I wear while playing the horn gets stained with either slide grease, oil or that green residue that stains my right hand from the unlacquered bell.

At the Brass Musician site, Erin Ellenburg suggests using shaving cream to get those stains out.

Practicing in extremes
Valerie Wells demonstrates some extreme techniques under the auspices of the Balanced Embouchure routine.

An unconventional horn concert
A French horn is involved, but not much blowing or buzzing is going on.

A John Williams concerto review
A review of Karl Pituch’s recording of the John Williams horn concerto has been posted on the Detroit musicians site.

Random videos

Sarah Willis on the Brahms horn trio.

* * *

Getting operatic on a Wagner tuba.

* * *

Don’t “toy” with a regimental grenadier.

* * *

Fun with mellophones.

* * *

University of Horn Matters