Random Monday: 1,500 Articles!

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Trumpeters sounding like horns

Trumpeter swans are named for their trumpet-like honk, which sounds like a French horn and can be heard a mile away.


A French horn of another flavor
The name “French horn” seems to be a popular name for high-class pubs.

A random memory – a long time ago during an opera production we discovered that the beer keg onstage was filled with real beer! I had to test it out, but no glasses were handy. My horn was clean inside and in an act of desperation, it made for a nice beer stein.

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While in “Horn Technique,” Gunther Schuller recommends pouring milk into a new horn to break it in, I personally prefer the beer treatment myself. The low brass in particular were especially appreciative as we imbibed during the intermission.

On the new Integrated Media Agreement
Hornist Paul Austin spells out the details of the new North American IMA agreement in “Media Myths: Misconceptions that Mystfy Me.”

The “Just Do It” mentality
This catch phrase – invented by the gigantic shoe company Nike – has become a popular motivational phrase in many realms, including music. According to a recent study, people that are primed to think in these terms are more certain of their opinions and less likely to seek out dissenting views.

The art of design
This article about design struck me as having many parallels to music study and performance. I especially like numbers two and three:

2.  Subordinate details to the whole.
3. The art is to conceal art.

More Pops!
In “Is Classical music in Danger of Being Dumbed Down?” the trend towards more Pops in orchestral season programming is discussed.

The language of concealment
An article at Adaptistration this morning makes a very strong point about the field of classical music in America and how the current discussion is more about making opinions known and controlled, and less about honesty and transparency.


Today’s article marks a major milestone for Horn Matters – our archive of articles has hit the 1,500 mark! Where else can you get such a wide variety of horn and brass related items for free?

Here are some recent highlights:

Random videos

Today, I am featuring a fantastic YouTube channel by “Hornsolos.” This channel began about three years ago and slowly but surely, this anonymous poster has been adding more and more videos over time.

If you are currently auditioning for symphony orchestras this resource is a place where dozens of short video excerpts are available at the click of a mouse.

A few highlights:

A Mahler 7 duet from the Lucerne Festival.

* * *
A short excerpt from Mahler 4.

* * *

Rossini’s The Seige of Corinth featuring a young Dale Clevenger.

* * *

See the complete YouTube channel here.

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