Who Reads Horn Matters? Spring 2011 Update


In a few months, Horn Matters will hit upon its 2-year anniversary!

That 2-year anniversary date is September 1st. While I don’t think either John or I have looked that far ahead yet, this is a good time to at least look at what readership we have so far.

What has been going on?

January 1, 2011 – May 25, 2011

This graph from our Google Analytics tool shows a 6-month period that shows overall that readership is steadily increasing.

The readership since January 2011.

Some of these numbers have totaled up to:

  • 67,452 visits
  • 168,885 page views
  • 92 languages used


Looking at a metric called loyalty we see an interesting trend.

This web site does get a lot of one-time visitors, but we also have a steady crowd that regularly checks out the content.

While 50% of site viewers visit under 2 times, over 35% of readers visited more than 8 times in this 6-month period. 20% of readers visited as often as 50 times or more!

A graph that measures loyalty.


Looking at Analytics GeoMap Report, we can see the countries of origin of our readers during this 6-month sample.

Top Countries reading Horn Matters, since Jan. 2011

Horn Matters on Facebook

From our Facebook page we get yet another perspective of who is reading Horn Matters.

Facebook Demographics

Other numbers since September 1, 2009

  • Over 3,300 Facebook fans
  • 230 Twitter followers
  • About 250 RSS Subscribers

Overall we are seeing our traffic numbers climbing at a steady pace.

Thank you Horn Matters readers! This interest is a strong part of what motivates us to keep writing.

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