Introducing the Baby B-flat Horn for Beginners


While not the first horn of the type, this video is a very nice short introduction to this new model and is a type of video it would be great to see made more often by horn makers. According to the YouTube listing in this video “Designer and master craftsman Peter Pollard presents a short run-through the various features of the superb new Odyssey Premiere Bb Baby French Horn.” Check it out; it really is a type of horn that could make a huge impact in starting younger beginners better if more band directors actually understood the B-flat horn. For an introduction to the single B-flat also check out my FAQ. (And a hat tip Bruce Hembd for the link to video).

UPDATE: In relation to the first Facebook comment I would point to another article related to the topic, The Horn Dare. We tend to not see the horn from the perspective of the beginner–they will be much less likely to quit a horn like the above than the typical F horn.

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