The Rise and Continuous Rise of Genghis Barbie


Heard of Genghis Barbie yet? They were featured artists at the Northeast Horn Festival this past weekend, and following up on the item in the most recent Random Monday it is about time you heard formally from Horn Matters about this innovative horn quartet.

I like horn quartets in general but they can be a bit boring. So what of this Genghis Barbie group? From their website we learn

Genghis Barbie, the leading post post-feminist feminist all-female horn experience, is the most innovative and energizing chamber ensemble of its generation and beyond. With a combined 26 years of conservatory training, Genghis Barbie delivers to you a visceral and unadulterated musical adventure. Performing arrangements of pop music from the 70′s, 80′s, 90′s, 00′s and today, Genghis Barbie is the most versatile and expansive group on NYC’s classical/pop/rock/jazz/indie/alternative/punk/electro-acoustic scene.

They have a great website and Facebook page, an album coming soon, a summer French horn retreat, a signature model mute, and much more including in particular a series of videos. My favorite personally is the mock documentary “In a Barbie World,” which is embedded below and gives a good introduction to the group. Whatever you think of them they look like they are having a good time. Note especially in this video the cameo appearances by several greats of the brass world.

The group will be featured at the 2011 International Horn Symposium in San Francisco and looks to be a must see group at the event. Hot or not? You can decide for yourself how you feel about that but for sure they are an energetic new force on the horn scene.

University of Horn Matters