Random Monday: Hot stuff, big ideas and mashed horns

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Spectral analysis paper
A paper from Adam Watts of Department of Physics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign investigates the effects of hand-in-bell playing of the French Horn.

Hot or not?
This is the question being asked at the BrassMusician.com about a new group getting a lot of attention – Genghis Barbie.

Having more fun while practicing
How can we bring more playfulness into the practice room? This is the question that Gerald Klickstein asks at The Musician’s Way.

A look behind the audition curtain
A recent horn audition in San Diego and its winner, Darby Hinshaw, gets a write-up at SanDiego.org.

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Arts entrepreneurship
It really amazes me how so many American music programs at the college level do not teach skills in business management and entrepreneurship. In this day and age I would argue that this practice is incredibly irresponsible.

Fortunately there are some rays of light out there that are affecting a change, but in most cases it is the private studio teachers that are taking up this slack.

When will U.S. music schools get a clue? It is incredulous that change is not happening at a faster pace. Is American academia really that far out-of-touch?

Is this an issue of Music Theory departments setting the standards for most college music performance degrees? And in these instances, do the erudite standards match real world demand?

Future virtuoso?
Alex Miller gets a nice write-up.

Getting philosophical
Angela Cordell Bilger explores some big picture concepts.

Random videos

Teaching and what teachers earn is a big debate in some parts of America right now. Ignorant, uninformed remarks seem to get repeated over and over.

Taylor Mali speaks with assertive gusto on teaching and the really dumb things people say about teachers. I could not agree more with his sentiments.

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Thoughts and doubts on fingerings.

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A follow-up to last Monday’s “Death of a French Horn” inspired by an old M*A*S*H* episode.

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University of Horn Matters