Random Monday: Insights and discourse


A new site for ROPA
The new Regional Orchestra Players Association (ROPA) web site has finally launched – the designer of this new site is yours truly. There are many new features being planned and this launch is only a first step.

Book hunting
While I was busy playing gigs this weekend, my wife went to a warehouse book sale at the state fairgrounds. Ever on the look for French horn stuff, she did find a few interesting tidbits in the children’s section. I like the mouse escaping from the horn bell.

Insight into the Farkas recording
James Boldin shares some type-written letters from Philip Farkas on his solo recording and other topics. Apparently his recording was done under some duress he had not rehearsed with the pianist beforehand!

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If you were trapped on a desert island…
…what music would you bring to listen to? Britten Sinfonia’s principal horn Stephen Bell gives his answers.

A low placement embouchure
David Wilken takes a look at a low placement horn embouchure. This is one of three of what he labels as the three basic embouchure types.

Contemporary discourse on dissonance
From the Christian Science Monitor:

A few years ago, appearing with Terry Gross on NPR’s “Fresh Air,” Paul McCartney was asked about his foray into classical music composition. Ms. Gross mentioned that recordings of those works sold well, but reviews had been harsh at worst and lukewarm at best. His response: “Well, Terry, I like melody.”

Heedless of critics, audiences do, too. Familiar musical strains trigger memories and connections for everyone. Dissonant sounds, on the other hand, rarely become familiar, because without great effort, they cannot be embedded in our minds’ ears.

When practice makes imperfect
A personal story of overcoming brass embouchure dystonia is featured at azdailysun.com.

Random videos

Jeffrey Curnow of the Philadelphia Orchestra gives us an answer to classical music’s woes.

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A new video and original composition by Marc Papeghin, selling his music in a very clever way.

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What is an oboe?

While this is not directly horn-related, it is indicative of public sentiment. This sentiment is yet another reason why I call it the ‘French horn.’

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