Random Monday: Feedback, Seika Girls and a word from Muti


UPDATED: 12/14/2010 Added a new article from David Wilken.

Commentary and other opinion
Here are some links to commentary on my embouchure-related posts and last Monday’s “Random thoughts on ‘natural’ technique, embouchure study and sports analogies.”

Upcoming hiatus
Between Christmas 2010 and New Years Day 2011, I will be taking a holiday from Horn Matters. My wife and I are going to DisneyWorld!

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More on the growth mindset
At The Musician’s Way an article gives some detail on the growth mindset and how it applies to musicians.

The pencil trick
This is something that I just found recently – a description and photos of the pencil trick.

A beginner at home
A Mom expects her daughter to bring home a trumpet. She gets a French horn instead.

Boston Brass and the girls
You can catch a free online concert of the Seika All-Girls Band with the Boston Brass, this Saturday, December 18th.

Random videos

Speaking of the Seika band…

* * *

More on the growth vs. fixed mindset. Unfortunately, the audio and video are not synced.

* * *
Dealing with dystonia. This is a “before and after” video. The audio is pretty “hot'” and over-modulated so keep your finger on the volume control.

Comments from this video:

I ask the trumpetist to play a note on the mouthpiece using the tongue, it occurs a movement of the muscles backwards previous to the flow of air, then I ask the trumpetist to blow inside the mouthpiece without using the tongue and the physiological response varies greatly.

We also do the same at the trumpet and the same happens. The consequences don’t need any comment, they hinder his general playing to a great point, and afterwards we may see how the involuntary movement diminishes until its disappearance

* * *
Riccardo Muti in action.

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