Introducing the Marching Natural Horn


One small chapter of my story is the making of this marching natural horn.

I have always enjoyed working in metals. I was able as a high school senior to take an art class that allowed me to do several projects in metal. Browsing in a hardware store I realized that you could buy copper refrigerator tubing in several sizes and also brass fittings. The art teachers directed me to where I could locally purchase a sheet of copper as well. So what you see in the photo is me as a high school senior holding my creation. And yes, I used to have hair.

It is in G for no reason but that is what worked out as the key it was in. It plays but the intonation is, not surprisingly, rather poor and not a lot of volume can be produced. The tubing could only be bent so far without kinking but I did get a good circle and with the help of a several brass pipe fittings made a tuning slide. It has a nice artistic look and did get me started with soldering with a torch. The bell was the hardest part to make as I had to beat it out by hand and anneal the bell many times to even get the shape you see.

The finished product has character to be sure and is in my office to this day. It was a great project and I throw the idea out there to anyone else looking for a metals project.

University of Horn Matters