Random Monday: Commitments, Getting Rattled and Yodeling

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Actually you never eyeball a horn player. That’s one of the real rules. You just don’t. They’re stuntmen. You don’t eyeball stuntmen just before they’re about to go near death.

That’s really true. You also never tell a horn player you played beautifully last time just before a concert. You see that look. They look at you and they’re always thinking, I could die now. And you know there’s something else behind the eyes.

That’s really a truth. And so you have to let them do their very difficult thing without too much disturbing.

Random Videos:

Hakan Hardenberger – Trumpet Masterclass. (Buy the whole masterclass for about 18 euros.)

* * *
Even tenors can have an attack of the yodel clams. In this case it is a bit like Tarzan yelling in the jungle.

Tarzan’s call: [dewplayer:http://www.hornmatters.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/John_Weissmuller_MGM_Tarzan_Yell.mp3]

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Musicians are like actors, many times having to quickly switch gears and play a new character – just like this.

* * *
Some things just go together like bread and butter.

* * *
You know your child is going to be a horn player if this happens.

* * *
Maynard Ferguson gives us wise words on high notes, endurance and accuracy. My favorite quip is ‘don’t be a 5-minute hero.’

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