Random Monday: Back in business

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  • Doing business
    At My Viable Content, an example set of some nicely designed business cards with a French horn theme.

In Clive Cussler’s classic Raise the Titanic! his protagonist discovers a French horn on the ocean floor which is later confirmed to have belonged to one of the Titanic’s band members who courageously played his instrument as the ship sank, thereby calming the passengers until the very end.  The horn is ultimately returned to its original condition, but is left untested, unplayed.

The observation of the fictitious restorationist is that for posterity’s sake, the last notes played on that instrument must only be those played by its owner, lest that intangible, chivalrous moment of courage and human dignity be lost forever.

  • YouTube Siegfried mashup
    A creative netizen took video from a film and mini-series called Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King and added music from Götterdämmerung. The combination actually works for this mashup scene of Siegfried’s funeral.
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  • Also in YouTube…
    Ghengis Barbie caught in action. According to the comments, this is raw footage for a video of some kind.
  • When band teachers go bad
    A veteran band teacher was busted pawning instruments, including a French horn.