Full Coverage of the ITG Australia Conference

In several ways you can tell that there are more trumpet players than horn players out there. If you were to base this on Facebook alone however horns rule the brass at this time. The ITA, ITEA, and ITG all have no official Facebook fan page that I can locate, while for horn there are over 3,000 Fans of the IHS on Facebook! Even mellophone beats the trumpets, trombones, and tubas on Facebook with well over 1,000 members of the group I play Mellophone and therefore I’m awesome.

logo itg Full Coverage of the ITG Australia ConferenceBut there are areas where the trumpet players shine and conference coverage is certainly one of them. The ITG had their conference in Australia last week; to see great coverage of all the events check out this link. I will have some coverage of the horn symposium here next week to be sure so keep checking Horn Matters but don’t expect me to equal this! There are more trumpet players out there and they put together a great team of reporters, I believe with someone at every event the entire week which is very impressive not to mention photos of I believe every artist and full descriptions of everything! Very worth checking out or telling your trumpet friends to check out.

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