Playing ‘dominoes’ with the conductor


This video is a fun satire of how a conductor really should not behave. Although in the much broader and very figurative sense, this is about how bad things can really go sometimes.

This excerpt is from a feature-length film called Raising the Wind (1961). Love that title.

A group of students at an elite music school decide to share a flat in order to cut their living costs and have somewhere to practice together. They get into quite a few scraps and adventures, including impersonating a celebrity quintet.

However when Mervyn Hughes accidentally sells a catchy pop tune to an advertising agency he risks losing his scholarship unless he and his friends can raise the money to buy the rights back.

Sounds positively smashing. What quintet dare they impersonate?

At the 5:15 mark, pay close attention to the horn section and remarks about dominoes. It is priceless.

University of Horn Matters