The thrill of inspiration

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It is not often that one can point to a beer commercial as a beautiful illustration of intense, playful practice.

This particular ad from Guinness directed by Jonathan Glazer plays out in an artful fashion.

  • Timing is everything in this challenge. The camera is focused on his game face. He is in the Zone.
  • He and his pack attack head on; some falter, but they immediately get back into it.
  • For a moment the challenge is surpassed and our heroes are riding high.
  • Afterward, there is celebrating and reminiscing. A bond has been created.

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In an abstract sense, telling stories like this is what we as musicians do.

For some, moments like these get fewer and farther in-between as time moves forward. It is good to remind ourselves often that golden moments happen on a daily basis and not let negativity rain on that parade.

This intense feeling – the thrill of inspiration – is the fuel that keeps us vital and growing as artists.

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