On Incentive and Reward

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This video raises a number of questions in terms of incentive and personal drive in music education and in the music business in general.

While there is one cringe-worthy moment (where music is held up as an example of fun and volunteerism), overall I think there are some key points to consider:

  • Does the reward system used in some music classrooms today work? Instead of rewarding for practice hours, might be we better off encouraging journaling?
  • Do musicians and musician organizations need to step up with new, radical ideas like these? …how?
  • What does this say about our own motivations and incentives for reward and recognition?

For I myself as a blogger, the point about giving away things really hit home.

The final point at the end of this video is worth recanting. With concrete tasks and goals, rewards can work. However, if deep cognition and thought is involved a reward system may actually hurt performance.

What do you think?

Please add your thoughts below.

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