Random Monday: More Riots, Humor and Clammy Critics

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A lot of items have come onto the radar this week, so tomorrow look for a bonus Random Tuesday post.

UPDATE: added a screenshot of the Watt Stand.

  • Name this bell accessory
    A video loaded in the cycle of videos in the upper left column (pictured at lower right), has me wondering about the added piece of plastic on his bell. I imagine that it makes the bell resting on the leg more comfortable. Is this commercially available?
  • Featured principal
    Gabriel Kovach is featured on the Phoenix Symphony blog.  As principal horn he is doing a super job week after week.
  • Ha ha you’re a riot
    As a follow-up to last Friday’s “Audiences Gone Wild!” post, I did find this. (Really? The Belgian Revolution?)

The Vienna Phil.’s sound was extraordinary, of course: These guys never let you down there. And their execution was generally at a high level. How odd, I often think, not to hear horns flubbing. How odd to hear them play their notes sure-footedly. Don’t they know that horns have a divine right to flub?

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