Random Monday: Hollywood History, Columbus Interview and Dystonia Discourse

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Jackson Pollack inspired mousing.
  • New book on Hollywood legend
    A new book on the life and playing of Vincent DeRosa. I’m ordering mine today and am looking forward to reading it and reviewing it here.
  • 7.2 hours of non-horn activity
    What does a day’s computer work look like? Take a look at the abstract image at right. This was done using some cool software.
  • French twist
    I found this one the other day – a jazz group with a foundation of four horns. The group is still active and has at least one date scheduled in the future. Their sound samples are worth a listen.
  • Site updates
    There has been a bit of rearranging here and there in the site’s side panels.

    Most notably – a new tab called ’13 Most Commented Posts’ at top right, a few banner ads on the front page at lower left and a Facebook badge at lower right.

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