Want a Horn Scholarship Someday? Think about Good Grades


Following up on my post earlier this year about grades in music theory classes if you are thinking graduate study of the horn, we turn to the topic of undergrad admissions and scholarships.

thumbs-resourcesSalesIn general, you can get into many schools with a fairly low GPA but if you want a scholarship in horn you need to not only be a talented player but also you need to carry a fairly strong GPA out of high school. I know the exact formulas that are applied by each school vary, but again speaking generally if you have an incoming GPA less than 3.0 it may be hard for the horn teacher to make that case for you.

Right or wrong, schools want smart students and are reluctant to offer scholarships to students who are weak academically. There is a statistical probability that your GPA will be lower early in your college career than it was in high school, and in the case of Arizona State for example you have to maintain a GPA over 3.0 to hold a music scholarship. I think this is a fairly common requirement.

So I put this out there generally to younger students who may be reading this–if you are thinking about college level horn study talent is not enough, you need also to have a GPA over 3.0 or that low GPA may limit your options on the financial end for horn study.

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