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A golden clam for a great web site.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably have heard of Robin Moffatt’s web site.

For you lowly fungi that may have indeed been living under a rock, is a tremendous resource that excels in a few, very content-rich areas.

For sale

First, and probably foremost to many is the free classifieds section. Long before CraigsList became all the rage here in the U.S., Mr. Moffatt (in the U.K.) had established as a primary destination for French horn sales and purchases.

Whenever a student asks me where to shop for a used horn, is high on my list of recommendations. The interface is clean and simple-to-comprehend, which is most likely a big part of what makes this area so popular.

Horn list archive

Another section that I refer to often is the Information Archive.

Over a three-year period, Mr. Moffatt cataloged and alphabetized key discussions from the horn discussion list. This period archived by Mr. Moffatt was active — punctuated with very lively and informative discussions.

Other areas of interest:

Take a look around… you just might find references to both myself and Dr. Ericson!

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